Bev Milward | Cwtch

Bev Milward | Cwtch


Bev completed a ceramics course at Hereford College of Art in 2003 and now works from her studio in Bristol producing porcelain landscapes and figures. Bev’s porcelain landscapes and figures are influenced by the environment in which she lives, personal events and experiences and by the nature of the porcelain itself. She is concerned with how humour and sentimentality have been used historically in ceramics and aims to infuse emotion into each piece.

Although the work illustrates a personal journey it appeals to a much wider audience who can identify with the sentiments. Each element or symbol has a history or a meaning and her maker’s mark, in the shape of a key, can be found somewhere on each piece.

Imagery and themes are reworked and revisited but no piece is repeated. The last piece informs the next and evolves as a continuous visual diary.

A sense of ambiguity is important and Bev is left with satisfaction when someone is able to bring their own interpretation to the work.

Bev was awarded the Design Craft Award from Hereford College.

Porcelain | 4cm x 8cm

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