Meet the artist: Charlotte Farmer...

We have shown works by the super talented Charlotte Farmer for 10 years now so to kick start the new year we delved into the inspiration behind her works and distinctive style...

Charlotte graduated in 2006 with an MA in communication design from Central St Martins and has been working as a freelance illustrator ever since.

She has a cupboard bursting with carbon paper which she uses to create the detailed drawings that become the stencils for her multi-layered, hand made screen prints. Her box of printing inks contains a contemporary collection of bluey greys along with a vivid range of fluorescents and sparkly metallics (made to a top secret recipe). Her playful screen prints often involve unexpected combinations of characters and their conversations or the sounds things make.

Cross Town Traffic

Her very pampered cat, Margo also makes regular appearances. Charlotte describes her work as being a combination of low-tech printing methods, small intense detail contrasted with mistakes and imperfections and gestural mark making. Charlotte enjoys experimenting with screen printing, embossing and getting bits of gold leaf everywhere!

Tits & Ass

Charlotte's favourite things include (not necessarily in this order): drawing, screenprinting, making maps, coffee, collecting Japanese brush pens for hand lettering, colour and of course, Margo!

Cooooo, Bath Abbey

Charlotte’s distinctive print works, combine her love of lo-fi tech printing methods and intense detail. Her style contrasts this precision and skill by embracing her mistakes, imperfections and more gestural mark makerly styles, to produce an a series of characters and prints which are refreshingly unique and packed full of personality!

You can see more of Charlotte's work over on our Artists page...

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