Michelle Hall

After completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at The University Of The West of England, Michelle now practices from her studio in Glastonbury.

Having previously worked in a bronze casting foundry, where she developed a range of sculptures, Michelle focuses on producing a body of work in ceramics, that she also casts and fires herself.

Michelle’s figurative style captures the character and movement of her subjects, whilst photography and drawing from life enable her to maintain accuracy. She uses traditional materials such as clay, wax, and plaster to create her sculptures. A mould is then made and finished pieces are completed in ceramic, bronze and bronze resin.

Michelle’s artistic identity has been shaped by a love of animals and the countryside. Through her sculptural practice she seeks to celebrate natural forms, capturing the vitality, essence and presence of the creatures she depicts; a tangible glimpse of the natural world.

Her practice conveys the importance of the inter-relationship between animals, humans and the environment.

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