Helen Burgess

Helen's practice is concerned with a phenomenological experience of space and place and how this can be translated through visual arts. She works with ceramics, paper and site-specific pinhole photographic installations to explore our perception of space and place.

Phenomenology is the study of "phenomena": things as they appear in our experience, or the ways we experience things, thus the meanings things have in our experience. Phenomenology studies conscious experience as experienced from the subjective or first person point of view. (S.E.P 2013)

Helen's current body of work uses vintage maps and guides to present sculptural geo-historic collections. The resulting artworks have been extensively researched and collected, bringing together elements of place; the small details merging past with present. They are revised geographies, inviting the viewer to consider their own interaction and experience of a place

Walking has always been a central part of Helen's creative practice and an important element of the process by which she makes work. The path is an extension of walking...and walking is a mode of making the world as well as being in it. Thus the walking body can be traced in the places it has made, paths are traces of the acting out of imagination and desire (Solnit, R 2002)

Formerly a teacher, she retrained as an artist, graduating with a distinction in an 'MA by Project in Fine Art'. Her final MA project 'The Space of Place' looked at how pinhole photography could translate a phenomenological experience of space in non-urban place; in doing so it explored the relationship between time and photographic process and approached photography as both a visual and physical construct.

Helen is an associate graduate member of the research group LAND2.

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