Adele Zaslawska

Adele Zaslawska takes old and mostly unwanted china and rehabilitates it into something new-fangled and fresh, ready again to take its rightful place in the big society.

This painstaking work is carried out in what was once a green and pleasant conservatory in deepest Hampshire, requisitioned for use in creating mosaics, and now somewhat marred by untidy boxes of china, cutting tools (nippers, files etc...) and dusty bags of grout. 

Adele is self-taught and inspired by the charms of cats and dogs and birds and insects whilst also keeping a close eye on what's cool and fashionable at the moment; for instance in the tattoo scene or typography or the great and the good such as Grayson Perry. Adele is also much taken with the use of clichés and popular expressions that tend to clutter up our language today. That's not to forget the wealth of art history, religious and secular, that influences us all by osmosis.

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