Iaysha Salih

Iaysha uses painting as a form of meditation and healing. As an artist she works to create a space for contemplation, to delve deeper and open the capacity to feel rather than think. Her work reflects her spiritual journey through life.

Her process usually starts with inspiration from a poem she has read, a place she has visited or an object she has seen; Iaysha endeavours to capture the essence and feeling of what she has observed. She explores the unseen space between objects, words in poems and the dynamic energy of people and places. She is fascinated by the energy that is not always seen but felt.

Iaysha sees poems, music, places and people as abstracts forms of colour. She will try and evoke a feminine quality in her work; a softness, fluidity or hidden depth. Colour plays a fundamental role in her work. Each one vibrating at is own frequency acts as a narrative for the painting instead of words or musical notes.

Her practice is influenced not only by painting, but pouring glazes and paints and drawing lines using graphite or pastels. She works intuitively to create artworks that reflect her response to the outer world or what she sees and feels. Part of the process is editing the work. She will do this by painting over, covering up or masking to illuminate the hidden layers. This, for her, creates a sense of calm and peace and a hidden depth - a chance to breathe again.

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